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Hey, how’s it goin.  It’s always good when you can do something you like doing and make a little money doing it.  The best part is I get to interact with you good people and draw things I normally wouldn’t have thought of, thus giving me more experience.  All images come in HD resolution, even the sketches.  All images are a minimum of 300 dpi (600 dpi used for some pieces).  Check things out then drop me a line HERE.


A simple sketch of the character/scene.  No coloring or BG, just a basic sketch of your request.

  • $20
  • Pencil/paper style sketch
  • Full 8 x 10 inch 300 dpi digital image (.png format)
  • includes concept art, head shot, full body, etc…



Head Shots

These have become my favorite recently.  Toonish type head shots of favorite characters.  Simple clean lines with a basic background that corresponds with the character.

  • $30
  • This isn’t a scene, just one head and a simple BG (unless the character has two heads by design, in which case you’d totally be pulling one over on me)
  • Full 8 x 10 inch 300 dpi digital image (.png format)
  • No sketch (rough draft), but reasonable minor changes can be added to image after you have received it



Full Body

Standard full body poses with all standard weapons/accessories the character may have.  Standard simple BG, no action scenes (this means the focus should be the character, not the BG).

  • $50
  • One character only.  If additional characters are wanted please note me and we’ll discuss a proper group rate based on your idea
  • Full 11 x 17 inch 300 dpi digital image (.png format)
  • Sketch of basic pose submitted before final work is started



Concept Art

Basic drawing of a character/item you’ve created.  Price will vary depending on what exactly you want done from rough sketch to finished product.  You retain all creative rights to the character.

  • $50 and up
  • Full 11 x 17 inch 300 dpi digital image (.png format) or higher
  • We can get as detailed as you’d like, which will determine price (sketch to finished full color product)
  • You retain all creative rights
  • .PSD file available on request

Action Scene

This is something a little more in-depth and time consuming.  A full scene including one or more characters with a dynamic background.  Action Scene requests can be submitted to the link below and price will be based on design.

  • $100 and up



Please contact me to get started or if you have general questions HERE.  I’m not a corporation or firm, so things can be negotiated.

  • All payments must be made through Paypal before work begins
  • Prices indicated are for private (non-commercial) commissions only. For commercial commissions, please contact me
  • No non-disclosure agreements (NDA) unless for commercial use


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