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Branding, branding, branding!!!  Whether you’re a big business, small-time entrepreneur, or just someone that wants a recognizable image on the web, it’s a smart decision to have a branded logo.  In todays world, social media reigns supreme.  It’s not good enough to just have a logo, you need it branded across many different platforms if you want to impress others and look good, that’s why I’ve created a package deal.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Youtube, etc…  All you need to do is decide which platforms you want, and I’ll design your logo to fit perfectly into each one.  

There are a few important things to keep in mind when looking for a new logo, I’ve listed a few below.  Please read things over then fill out the form below and we’ll get started on creating an awesome logo just for you.

NOTE:  All images come in HD resolution, and are a minimum of 300 dpi (600 dpi used for some pieces).


Regardless of what you want the logo for, there are a few basic things that you should think about before submitting your request.

  • Size/shape.  Do you want something rectangular or square?  If you want your logo to fit into avatar like on Twitter, Facebook, forums, icons, etc… then usually something square works.  If you want it to become a banner that stretches across your website header, then rectangle is usually the shape to go with.  There’s no right or wrong, just your preference.  Remember that a circular shape falls into the “square” category here, it’s just a .png file with no color in the corners.
  • Do you have a color scheme? Are there specific colors you’d like to see incorporated in your logo?
  • Basic Idea.  Clients usually have an idea when coming to me, but it’s not mandatory.  Anything you have in your head that could help me see your vision, let me know!  If you would like your face in the logo, please be prepared to send (or refer) me to a few good pics of you, it’s important I know exactly what you look like (or whomever you want me to draw).  Also, feel free to reference ANYTHING FROM ANYTHING… poses, other logos, superheroes, etc…  Any type of a reference to let me know what you’re thinking will work.
  • Brand.  Similar to color scheme, is there anything that is mandatory to be displayed in the logo, such as your website icon, business name, etc…  If there’s something cosmetic that must appear, please let me know right from the start.
  • Am I drawing this or using your photos?  I’m an Illustrator, obviously, but I can also work with your existing photos to create some cool backgrounds and logos.  If you’re a photographer with tons of excellent HD images and want me to modify them into different avatars/backgrounds… No problem, anything is possible.  Any type of media will be considered, so get creative.

Deciding on what type of design you’d like:


There are three types of “designs” for Twitter.  Avatar, header, and background.  Each design has a unique pixel dimension.  Often times we design to the larger size, and scale down to the smaller avatar images (sometimes cutting some of the image out), we can go over this before work begins.  Here is a few examples of each:

Twitter Avatar

Twitter Avatar

  • Smallest of the designs
  • Everyone sees this, regardless of device used to view your profile
  • Always square


Twitter Header







  • Medium sized design
  • Everyone can see this, often behind your avatar
  • Slightly changes dimensions depending on device
  • A rectangular shape that holds you avatar, handle, location, website, etc.. information


Twitter Background

Twitter BG


  • Largest of the Twitter designs
  • Only those viewing your profile on a computer will see this
  • Changes dimensions drastically with viewers screen resolution
  • Toughest of the backgrounds to design for (due to screen resolution – there are restrictions that must be followed)
  • Best area to hardcode links to other sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc…
  • Best area to show off a large HD image



Facebook has one main header that is usually requested, the main header image behind your avatar.  This image is a long rectangular section that has the bottom left corner slightly covered by your avatar.  In the design of your header, the avatar will be accounted for, and can even be combined with the header by aligning two different images properly.


Website Logo

Website logos can pretty much be anything you want, as long as the dimensions fit in your website layout.  Most websites now-a-days allows you to upload within content blocks, or “banners”.  All you need to do is know the dimensions of the content block you have and pass that along to me.  Squares, circles, rectangles, etc… pretty much anything goes here.  You can see from my website, I choose to go with a circle located in the top left corner of the page, but I could have easily centered that with a rectangular BG or something of that nature, it’s all preference.  Here’s a website logo I did for a client that called for 466×92 in size.  Remember, the smaller the size, the more resolution we lose.  Bigger is better here, as with most other things in life.



As of the time this was written, I’m new to using Google+.  It’s being pushed pretty hard, with it being combine with Youtube awhile back, so I’m sure I’ll stop procrastinating and actually start using it.  That being said, there’s only one main image to be designed for at this point.  At the top of your Google+ page is your main header, this is the image we’re going to focus on.


  • Large rectangle in shape
  • Image is shown in full on right, but a square block is created on the left with part of the main image blurred in BG
  • Your logo shows on left side, centered in front of blurred image


Youtube has a very odd header image size.  It’s long in length, but very skinny which limits what can be shown.  As you can see in the example below, I used a Illustration I did of Popeye and cropped it into the header dimensions.


  • Image is very long in length, but very skinny (only 150 pixels tall)
  • Your avatar shows in top left corner of header
  • Website name and any clickable social media links appear in bottom right of header


LinkedIn is a very simple header to design for.  Since LinkedIn is more of a professional reference site than it is a social media hangout, there is less going on here as far as design is concerned.  The LinkedIn cover photo section is rather small, but you should still try to look your best, especially if you have prospects visiting your profile for business.


Anything Else!

Fantasy Football, business, personal avatars, whatever you want, we can get it done!  Fill out the short form below and we can get started with the creation of an awesome logo just for you!!!

Here’s The Deal!

Anything and everything can be negotiated, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested.

  • A simple Logo Design is $50 (Logo only)
  • Choose ANY TWO (2) of the above options to incorporate your logo into for a TOTAL of $75 (This includes the creation of your logo, NOT $50 plus another $75)
  • I’m currently offering a Social Media Package for only $100 which gives you a logo creation, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and LinkedIn
  • Each social media design platform can be purchased individually for $25
  • Prices indicated are for private (non-commercial) commissions only. For commercial commissions, please contact me
  • No non-disclosure agreements (NDA) unless for commercial use
  • All payments must be made through Paypal before final work begins (but after you’ve approved the sketch)
  • Work may take up to 2 weeks after payment is received

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